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Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Jan 16 08:06:36 UTC 1997

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> Brett writes:
> > considered, isn't really needed. Rather than waste their money on equipment
> > that all in all just doesn't need to be there, why not make it more economic
> > for local players to get involved and cross connect to eachother. In the end

> That means with 19 ISP's in a GIGAswitch-free room, there are 342 FIP's at
> a cost of, what, US$12000 each after discount?  I'll betcha I can buy quite
> a few GIGAswitches for US$4.1M.  Oops, that's not a fair comparison, since
> with a GIGAswitch I also need 19 FIP's.  Figure that a fully configured
> GIGAswitch retails without discount for US$80K and that 19 FIPs are going
> to run another US$228K.  That's still a *lot* less than 2*sum(n-1).

This is probably a worst-case scenario. What about Ethernet cross-connects
using the 6 port cards? Or zero-mile T1's using the 8 port serial cards?
And you are assuming a full mesh which isn't necessarily what people need.
I don't think you can generalize about what a provider wants from an
Exchange Point especially not in a world in which exchange points are
breeding like rabbits.

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