Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Tony Li tli at
Thu Jan 16 02:24:24 UTC 1997

   The technology we're playing with lost it virginity years ago, and
   it is our duty to remember than it can be an immensely powerful tool
   in politics and military.  We're not in a sandbox anymore.

Perhaps you should consider both sides of the situation.  As you know,
there is no serious networking infrastructure in China now.  Will creating
one decrease or increase the free flow of information?  Censorship is not
perfect, and China will not have the resources to censor all packets
anywhere in the country.  So does this network give them a tool to further
control the people?  Or a bigger headache for them to try to control?  I
should point out that the government already has installed satellite TV to
pretty much every corner of the country.  However, the receivers are all
state-controlled.  Would you rip this out?  Is no CNN better than censored

IP networking is an inherently democratic medium: everyone can speak [and
usually does ;-( ].  Moving more bits implies that the number of uncensored
bits increases.  

IMnsHO, the installation of this network will be the nail in the coffin of
the Chinese government.  I'm more than happy to see them drive it in.


p.s. I'm related to Chinese communists.

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