Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Matt Ranney mjr at
Thu Jan 16 00:59:48 UTC 1997

David Schwartz writes...
> 	If I owned a gun store, I wouldn't sell a gun to someone who I 
> thought would use it to murder someone no matter how much money he 
> offered. Would you? No one needs the money or the business that badly.

Obviously not.  We are talking about routers here.  They forward
packets, and sometimes they are configured not to forward packets.
Schools in the good ole U S of A deny certain packets, as do most
companies.  Would you rather China had no routers at all?  

Perhaps you and Vadim should get Bob Metcalfe to write an article
about this new network, then China's Internet will be on the verge of
collapse even before it starts.
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