Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Selina F. Priestley selina at
Wed Jan 15 23:49:12 UTC 1997

Can we move this thread to com-priv only?  I got enough
to read.  Or at least maybe you could discuss primatology,
which at least I find interesting.



> On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Vadim Antonov wrote:
> > Their "partnership" with censors of a communist regime
> > is repugnant.  Using the modern technology to build a
> > giant brainwashing machine is very scary.
> Since you are a person that saw up-front and close the democratizing
> effects of a telecommunications network on the democratization of a
> communist country, I find this a rather surprising statement.
> The network will let more Chinese citizens communicate with each other 
> than ever before. And I strongly expect that there will be dozens of
> gateways between this "intranet" and China's Internet providers.
> You, of all people, should realize that withholding commnications
> technology sterngthens and isolates communist regimes. But hooking them
> into the global capitalist economy at the state level will eventually pay
> dividends by creating a bourgeois class (the educated middle class) which
> will force democratization to occur.
> Not everybody follows the U.S. model of democracy, for instance Canada
> does not. But that doesn't mean we aren't free and it doesn't mean we
> aren't happy. 
> Have you changed from a Soviet imperialist into an American imperialist?
> Don't you realize that parallelism can be exploited in politics as well as
> in routing? Create millions of small opportunities for Chinese people to
> share information and they will do the rest.
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