NetSCARF Workshop Sunday (1-5PM) before NANOG

William B. Norton wbn at
Wed Jan 15 22:30:39 UTC 1997

Hi all -

The Merit Network Statistics Collection And Reporting Facility (NetSCARF)
Project will be hosting its *second* free workshop in the afternoon on the day 
*before* NANOG in the San Francisco Grand Hyatt Grand Ballroom.  We will
provide an overview of the (2.x and February release 3.0) technology (see
agenda below), future release plans, and open the floor to feedback and
discussion about how you would like to see the product evolve. 

The NetSCARF SCION software package is a public domain network statistics
collection and reporting package that uses SNMPv1 or SNMPv2u to collect
stats from network devices and reports the network performance on the web.
Release 3 is scheduled to be released early February and features 
real-time display of certain data, "clickable graphs", an administration and 
installation tool and security mechanisms to restrict access to network

For this second workshop, we have openings for the first hundred (100) that
register at If you get a chance, read the
Connexions NetSCARF article on our web page before the workshop. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at ala at or
call at 313.763.6378.


-Andy Adams

NetSCARF Workshop Tentative Agenda - February 9, 1997 1-5PM
Welcome, Model and Rationale - Bill 
        NSFNET Operations
        3 Graphs of proven utility
        Proposal to RAC

Architecture Overview - Andy
        NetSCARF Model - abstractions, functionality divisions, etc.
        New Features

Scollect Component - Bill
        SNMP Overview
        Scollect Task
        Storage of Stats: Rtdata Tree

Scook Component - Tom
        Motivation behind aggregating data (statistics on file sizes, etc.)
        The four aggregate files
        e-mail report

Administration Tool - Tom

ScServer Component - Adam
        Highlighting new security features

ScClient, Scache Component - Bill, Andy & Eric
        Highlighting new real-time display of some data
        Highlighting the clickable bar/pie chart
        How Existing Reports are generated

NetSCARF Futures - Discussions - all
        Our visions, customer visions

William B. Norton	<wbn at>		(313) 764-9430

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