Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Chris A. Icide chris at
Wed Jan 15 22:06:45 UTC 1997

Mr. Shein;

The NANOG list readership/authorship tends to fall into the more "techie"
range than anything else.  I will take a chance and say the techies 
outweigh the policy setters on this list.  With this in mind, I would suggest
that the Spammer problem is a policy problem, not a technical problem.
Yelling at techies to fix it is not the solution.  Yelling at techies for talking
technical terms is even worse.

If you want to use your Titanic example, let's get a blind, deaf person to
stand iceberg lookout!  We can tie a rope to them, and when they fall 
overboard, we will know we've hit a berg.

Let the techies solve the technical problems, and take the policy problems
to the policy makers.

Now to answer your question, I do believe that Mr. Paul Vixie has a method
that you may choose to use to combat the large Spam sites.  Perhaps you
may want to take a look into that.  I forget the web address, but I'm sure
someone will post it here soon for you.

Chris A. Icide
Nap.Net, L.L.C.

P.S.  Of course this is all MHO, and I apologize if I step on any ones feet
for calling them a techie, or insinuating that there are no policy folks here, 
or just ticking someone off because they are a member of the visually and
aurally handicapped.  My point is to suggest to anyone who wants to come
to this list and rant and rave about problems, should do so in a less agressive
manner if they would really like someone to take a look at the problem.  

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