Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Barry Shein bzs at
Wed Jan 15 21:28:29 UTC 1997

Let me get this straight: Spammers are now sending millions upon
millions of unsolicited, for all intents and purposes unpaid for, junk
email &c ads daily, growing at a phenomenal rate as they perfect their
24 by 7 mass mailing robots, unchecked, and the concern here is that
relatively minor vendor implementation details in TCP stacks are
contributing to congestion on the net?

Talk about re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic, this really is
just a morbid, shuddering case of denial, right? Hey, why build an
ark, Noah, when we can have such productive discussions about sponge

I suppose the reasoning is that the vendors we can whine at to fix
poorly chosen default MTUs, but spammers, well, if they want to show
up at these all you can eat buffets with 18-wheel semis and payloaders
that's their business, we'll just have to spend our time building more
stuff and socking the costs to the legitimate customers, perhaps we
can improve the gas mileage on those semis, yeah that should help.

This party really is going downhill fast, it's astounding to watch,
like boy scouts dropped off in Somalia proceeding to organize litter

        -Barry Shein

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