Cisco withdrawal email propogation (was Re: withdrawal propagation)

dave o'leary doleary at
Tue Jan 14 21:00:09 UTC 1997

If people insist on continuing to discuss this (not that I encourage it :-),
cisco-nsp at might be more appropriate (yeah, I know Bill, it's
critical to the ongoing operations of the Internet and therefore
deserves discussion on the nanog list and the public has a right to know
blah blah).


At 11:31 -0800 1/15/97, Alex.Bligh wrote:
>Matt Ranney <mjr at> quoted E.E.Times
>> "So, the REAL problem isn't so much with Cisco routers, but with
>> Cisco's router users."
>... I've discovered this odd problem with Cisco router users
>who propogate unwanted emails about BGP withdrawals. Whilst
>they claim there is no harm in doing so, and its not against
>any group charters, spewing this random information out is
>real *annoying*. Any chance someone could fix these users
>so they don't keep spewing out this crap so I can keep my
>NANOG logs clean please. :-)
>Alex Bligh
>Xara Networks

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