withdrawal propagation (was E.E. Times?)

Neil J. McRae neil at domino.org
Wed Jan 15 16:21:56 UTC 1997

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997 10:58:50 EST 
 "John W. Stewart III" <jstewart at metro.isi.edu> wrote:

> so talk to your provider about deploying it, don't bash
> cisco who has already rolled new images


> and on the point of providers, do you really think they
> would continue to run code that causes them problems
> (whether cisco calls it a "bug" or an "optimization")?
> if providers thought it was a bug, then they would have
> anxiously awaited an announcement for an image that had
> the fix so that they could deploy it

You'd be amazed. Doing a router upgrade isn't a simple quick 5 second
thing to do. That has to be planned, and if people see it as bugfix
they are more likely to upgrade. 

I used to keep 1 weeks worth of BGP4 logs for all of my employers
peers, now I can't keep 1 hours because of all the _crap_ I recieve 
from their routers.

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