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Craig A. Haney craig at
Wed Jan 15 15:09:41 UTC 1997

At 10:21 -0500 1/15/97, JDF wrote:
>On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Stephen Balbach wrote:
>> There are lots of 7513's so I doubt a 7507 would be a problem - the only
>> restriction on equipment is no computers on the MAE EAST LAN for security
>> reasons. Given the ability to bridge MAE EAST I'm not sure how that can be
>> enforced. And Netscape has some mighty big SGI's promintently displayed as
>> you walk in.
>	Last I'd heard, Netscape's boxen were plugged into a router (not
>sure whose these days.)  There's also somebody there with an OS/2 machine,
>but I have no idea who or why, or where it's plugged in.

traceroute to (
it is sitting at MAE-EAST


>> Oh and another restrictiuon should you ever need it -- to run a $5 piece
>> of ethernet cable 10' from one rack to another (assuming the two racks
>> are diffrent companies eg. a cross connect) is $2000/month.
>	Wow.  I knew it was gonna be a lot, but that's a /whole/ lot.
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