Netscape MAE colocation?

Miguel A.L. Paraz map at
Wed Jan 15 05:39:23 UTC 1997


Stephen Balbach wrote:

> And Netscape has some mighty big SGI's promintently displayed as 
> you walk in. 

Netscape's web servers?  Interesting, does Netscape now host their
gigahit-per-day web servers outside the West Coast (in-house or
at ISI.NET?)  I was wondering if Netscape now "redirects" web browsers
to their "nearest" server?  This would be cool if it would set a precedent;
hopefully they and other high-volume providers would set up mirrors
*outside* the US so that folks wouldn't spend their bandwidth pulling their
(uncacheable) pages in.

If Netscape is indeed doing this, do HTTP traffic analysis and the business
case show that selecting different locations for web servers is 
"worth it"?


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