Info on MAE-EAST

Chris A. Icide chris at
Tue Jan 14 23:18:47 UTC 1997

I thought the sizes were comparable as follows...

7010  ~7505   (5 slots, including 1 RP/RSP and 1 SP for the 7010?)
7000  ~7507   (7 slots including 1RP/RSP and 1 SP for the 7000)
7513		   (13 slots, no 7000 series comparable)


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Sent:  Tuesday, January 14, 1997 11:18 AM
To:  Todd R. Stroup
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Subject:  Re: Info on MAE-EAST

> Does anyone have any info on if MAE-EAST allows collocation of a 7507 now or 
> is it still stated that the size has to be about the size of a 7010.
> Please return email direct to tstroup at
> Thanks.
> Todd R. Stroup
> Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

The 7507 is the same size as the 7010, give or take a few cm, I believe.
And unlike Pennsauken, many at MAE-East have full racks available to them.
In fact, Netscape has a bunch of purple beasties there (SGIs) last I looked...


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