Info on MAE-EAST

Steve Feldman feldman at MFSDatanet.COM
Tue Jan 14 23:02:57 UTC 1997

The "standard" MAE product comes with 1/2 rack of colocation space, and a
specific amount of 110VAC or -48VDC power, which I can't recall at the
moment. A Cisco 7507 and CSU/DSU will easily fit in that amount of space. 
More space and/or power are available at additional cost. 

You'll need to check with an MFS sales rep for pricing, and to see what
the power restrictions are.
	Steve Feldman
	MFS Worldcom (or whoever we are this week!)

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Todd R. Stroup wrote:

> Does anyone have any info on if MAE-EAST allows collocation of a 7507 now or 
> is it still stated that the size has to be about the size of a 7010.
> Please return email direct to tstroup at
> Thanks.
> Todd R. Stroup
> Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

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