Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Tony Li tli at
Tue Jan 14 10:48:52 UTC 1997

   Throw in frequent SYN/FIN/RST's because of small Web connections, SYN
   retransmissions because busy Web servers have full listen queues (or are
   being SYN-flooded :-), TCP's that ack every packet (Linux 1.0, I believe,
   and maybe later ones), TCP's that wind up acking every packet because their
   delay timer is less than an MSS prop time across a slow link (Solaris, for
   links < 10KB/sec), and dup acks due to sequence holes, and you might
   handwave the 7%.

Add in old BSD keepalives, silly window syndrome window management, window
opens for systems with too small windows...


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