Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Tue Jan 14 02:52:40 UTC 1997

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Bob Metcalfe wrote:

> Hello, and best wishes for what's left of 1997.  Now, if you would, ...

> Is Merit's packet loss data (NetNow) credible?  Do packet losses in the
> Internet now average between 2% and 4% daily?  Are 30% packet losses common
> during peak periods?  Is there any evidence that Internet packet losses are
> trending up or down?

If your provider has 30% packet loss you need to look at a new provider. I
think most providers have little packet loss. This is a ping -c 1000 from
one of my servers in Arlington, VA to a router a router at PAIX.

--- ping statistics ---
1000 packets transmitted, 1000 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 77.3/80.0/127.3 ms                          

I know you are sad that the net did not fall apart, but most of us are
able to keep up. The nice thing is that bandwidth is starting to drop, we
have some OC-3 circuits that are just a little more then a DS3. 

P.S. Yes the delay is up there, but we are installing a DS3 from Palo Alto
to Arlington, so packets from Arlington - Palo Alto will not need to go
through Atlanta or Chicago to get to CA.

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