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Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Sun Jan 12 08:11:14 UTC 1997

At 5:23 PM -0800 1/11/97, Mark Kosters wrote:
>I see this and have noticed in the change logs that the whois dumper program
>was recently updated. I've backed out the change and the old info will return
>by 6:00AM or so tomorrow.


	This is appears to be a very, very large-scale problem.  While it
is good that you have detected the problem and are attempting to reverse
it, there are some questions that need answering:

1.  Why did the problem go undetected for so long?  Normal and reasonable
quality assurance procedures should detect an error on this scale.  Is
there ANY testing of changes done either (or both) before and after they
are instituted?

2.  Why is the reversal taking so long to institute, on the order of 12
hours or more?  Why is it not being done immediately?

3.  It is normal for service organizations to credit their customers for
when the provider makes serious errors.


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