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Dirk Harms-Merbitz dirk at
Sat Jan 11 22:33:06 UTC 1997

Yup, looks screwed up. My company info is wrong as well.


On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Matthew Petach wrote:

> > 
> > I was doing some maintanace on some of my domains a few days back and
> > decided to update my Internic contact information. Low and behold I found
> > that the company field in the whois query was wrong. I did a whois on a
> > few other internic handles I know and it looks as if they are wrong as
> > well.
> > 
> > I thought at first that maybe someone changed my Internic contact
> > registration (which is why I'm sending my PGP key to them right now), but
> > the last update time is months ago, and I'm sure I would have noticed it
> > before now.
> > 
> > So did Internic's whois server break? Or did their registery get corrupt?
> Looks like the registry is corrupt; My contact information is corrupt
> now as well, as is my girlfriend's; we've both gotten assigned to
> Lobo Net, rather than our proper locations.  I looked up JM2789, but
> it's garbled in a different manner.  I wonder if everyone associated
> with a particular domain is garbled in the same way?
> Anyhow, this really bites.  If the InterNIC wants to charge for
> services, they really MUST take better care of the data.
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