Internic registries

Timothy Brown tbrown at ANET-STL.COM
Sat Jan 11 22:20:54 UTC 1997

% > So did Internic's whois server break? Or did their registery get corrupt?
% Looks like the registry is corrupt; My contact information is corrupt
% now as well, as is my girlfriend's; we've both gotten assigned to
% Lobo Net, rather than our proper locations.  I looked up JM2789, but
% it's garbled in a different manner.  I wonder if everyone associated
% with a particular domain is garbled in the same way?
% Anyhow, this really bites.  If the InterNIC wants to charge for
% services, they really MUST take better care of the data.

I seem to remember a little while back something that happened -- the
InterNIC had a data corruption "along the wire" (their terms, not mine).
They claimed that the registry data itself had not been corrupted.  The
symptoms:  Totally bogus information in WHOIS requests for the particular
day, fixed by around 6pm or so CDT, as I recall.

I wonder if the problems that certain entities have been experiencing
relate to this "along the wire" data corruption the NIC mentioned didn't
cause any problems?


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