Internic registries

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Sat Jan 11 22:25:04 UTC 1997


It wasn't just March 18. I think the whole db is corrupt (it was ok a
couple of weeks ago).

Joffe, Rodney L (RJ48)		rjoffe at GENUITY.NET
   Conco Companies
   4041 N. Central Avenue
   16th Floor
   Phoenix, AZ 85012
   (602)207-6404 (602)207-6400 (FAX) (602)207-6410

   Record last updated on 06-Aug-96.

I've never even heard of Conco.

Rodney Joffe
Chief Technology Officer
Genuity Inc., a Bechtel company

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>Sent:	Saturday, January 11, 1997 2:31 PM
>To:	jordy
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>Subject:	Re: Internic registries
>You are not alone.  Dallas is having some trouble with his domain.
>We are both about to give up trying to get them to repair it as well.
>Your email prompted me to check my handle and that too has been corrupted.  
>Looks like March 18 may have been a bad day for the Internic.  I work for
>the Northeast Regional Data Center at UF, not Vega Solutions...
>dp at nersp $ whois dp173
>Pokorney, Dave (DP173)          dp at UFL.EDU
>   Vega Solutions
>   Rm.112 SSRB, University of Florida
>   Gainesville, FL 32611
>   352-392-2061
>   Record last updated on 18-Mar-96.
>Let us know how you manage to convince them to repair it.  good luck, I'm
>sure the University of Florida is pleased to hear that Vega Solutions is
>doing business on their premis.  Guess I need to submit another update
>request for my own handle this time.  Past requests (before
>corruption) have been handled without trouble sigh, -d
>On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, jordy wrote:
>> I was doing some maintanace on some of my domains a few days back and
>> decided to update my Internic contact information. Low and behold I found
>> that the company field in the whois query was wrong. I did a whois on a
>> few other internic handles I know and it looks as if they are wrong as
>> well.
>> I thought at first that maybe someone changed my Internic contact
>> registration (which is why I'm sending my PGP key to them right now), but
>> the last update time is months ago, and I'm sure I would have noticed it
>> before now.
>> So did Internic's whois server break? Or did their registery get corrupt?
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