Update on mail bombing threats--not so funny

Larry J. Plato ljp at ans.net
Fri Jan 10 22:02:25 UTC 1997


All the legal recourses mean nothing if you cannot enforce them.  Let's make 
the system moer robust, ie make it harder to fake the source of an email 
message, which provides other incidental benefits as well,

Larry Plato
Speaking for myself

> Vadim Antonov wrote:
> > 
> One possible solution is just to have recourse after the fact.
> If you as an ISP have their credit card/phone billing, and have
> a policy that explicitly states that either:
> 1) you will charge $100/hr to cleanup revenge email that they
> were responsible for directly.
> 2) you will charge them $.25/message for every mail message over
> 1000 sent outgoing (this doesn't handle using another sites mail 
> server).  
> 3) you charge for bandwidth or something like that making sure you
> set the limits such that normal dialup users won't see any charges.
> Even despite the inevitable chargebacks, many spammers would decide that
> fighting with the credit card company isn't worth it.
> There are a lot of ISPs spending a large amount of time/$ tracking
> down this sort of thing and in the end it isn't very productive.
> I see a general lack of policy for dealing with spam almost 
> everywhere.
> allan

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