pre-NANOG road trip -- non-agenda, ignore if offended

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at
Fri Jan 10 13:28:10 UTC 1997

At 3:01 AM -0800 1/10/97, Allan Chong wrote:
>Vince Fuller wrote:
>> Are there any people heading out early for NANOG who might be interested in
>> a road trip to Lake Tahoe on Saturday/Sunday the 8th/9th? If one leaves by
>> about 5:30AM, it is possible to be on the slopes at Squaw Valley, Alpine
>> Meadows, Heavenly (etc.) by about 9-9:30...
>> Please direct any and all followups to me, not to the list.
>>         --Vince
>Be advised that much of the snow had been melted out by the torrential
>rains (even at the high elevations) when I called the ski areas
>last week.
>Returning you to your regularly scheduled programming.

NANOG people are tough.  Faced with the operational difficulties they
routinely solve, skiing without snow pales into insignificance.



who is still trying to get his boss to sign off on coming to the meeting

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