Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

Dima Volodin dvv at
Wed Jan 8 13:11:11 UTC 1997

James R. Cutler writes:
> All this discussion is fun, but what about:
>   1.  Bind implementation enforcing character set restrictions
>       should be observed by system configurators.

Isn't a resolver library purposefully junking not exactly correctly
formed domain names in a direct contradiction with the paragraph 1.2.2
of RFC-1123 a.k.a. STD-0003?

>   2.  DNS delegations are just that.  Businesses name entities
>       within their naming context in a manner that suits their
>       business purpose.  Within their own context (and the RFCs)
>       a business sets its own naming rules.
> Note that this does not rule out being cooperative and sensitive
> to the needs of others.  But that is the prerogative of the
> owner of the delegated naming context.  That is the essence
> of "delegation" in DNS.


> James R. Cutler


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