Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

Alex.Bligh amb at
Wed Jan 8 12:08:48 UTC 1997

> On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Philip J. Nesser II wrote:
> > 1.  I really like the addition of the final pop-router combo so its easy to
> > follow connections.  This has been missing in other suggestions so I am
> > curious as to what others think.
> I'm puzzled. Connections go from router to router. How does it help to say
> when routerc will show up as the next hop in
> the traceroute?

>From experience it helps when routerc *doesn't* show up in the traceroute
(i.e. you get * * *) :-)

Actually it doesn't quite work like that as in a traceroute you always
see the return i/f, so on a traceroute from A to B to C you see

It's mainly useful because you immediately know that a link is OK,
if you just se serial0 or whatever with equipment that sometimes
skips hop reports and sometimes double reports, sometimes is in
mid flap, it saves working out whether that was the "right" serial

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

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