Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

Vadim Antonov avg at
Wed Jan 8 10:20:09 UTC 1997

>> That may sound silly, but there's a merit in the
>> idea that domain names can successfully replace the
>> SNMP's object IDs.  SNMP and DNS then become the same
>> protocol.

>Cool. I can now dream of a day when nslookup for a router returns something
>lovely like:


>-dorian ;)

Nah, that's when your network monitor sends query for an
integer number RR to

and when you type "mail postmaster at" you generate
request to

when you do "netscape"
then  mozilla version 100219382973.117 retrieves

and when you do "cat //"
some global NFS opens file at

and when your command is "telnet" the
DNS will get to

Note that all names are constructed using the simple rule:

 <application-specific part>.<service name>.<host name>.<domain>


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