Thanks to all--medical emergency under control

Jon Zeeff jon at
Tue Jan 7 14:58:20 UTC 1997

I'd like to point out that such things can be an invasion of privacy.
While person A might claim that person B threatened to commit suicide,
it is possible that person A wants to locate person B for other,
not so good reasons.

This will happen if all one has to say is "suicide" and everyone will
ignore their normal privacy policies.

> > > Thanks to everyone who responded.  I was eventually able to reach one of
> > > the providers, who was able to identify the callers through logs, and
> > > passed the information to the local emergency people.  The patient is now
> > > under treatment, and did not take a lethal dose.

> > I'd just like to point out the similarity between this event and the use
> > of the phone company to track down suicide callers. This reminds me of

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