It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Tue Jan 7 08:33:31 UTC 1997

> >  - the service provider must have a written and enforcable policy
> >    prohibiting any of its customers from sending any traffic to
> >    recipients that have not requested the traffic -- including (but not
> >    limited to) the sending of off-topic or unsolicited mail messages to
> >    mailing list exploders, subsets of mailing list registrants, news
> >    groups, and posters to news groups (termed "mail spamming").  The
> >    requirement for a response to any such unsolicited message to prevent
> >    future messages is unacceptable.
> Um, wouldn't this very message I'm typing right this second be prohibited
> under the sort of policy you suggest? Is that really what you want to do?
> 					-- John B.

I would like to se such an agreement for the use of my telephone...


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