Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Tue Jan 7 07:54:06 UTC 1997

> > So how do we name internal links in a way that is usefull for
> > all operators, and conforms to the A-Z 0-9 and "-" and can
> > be proposed as an RFC?

> How about the Sprintlink:

I where not thinking on SL only, I where looking at something more

> sl-pop-router#-port[-speed]

The speed thing is debatable, some people wants it, someone does not,
and someone are willing to pay me $50/mont to make DNS say OC3c on their

SL-POP-ROUTER is kindof Sprint specific, others have other ideas on
how to name routers, how about this;


Where "router" is something that is syntactically correct.

A cisco with a VIP in slot 0 and a hssi in PA-slot 1 with a HSSI port
in 0 would be;

Ts for timeslots on a chanalized card
Dlci for a flame-delay circiut


> But instead of h0/0, use h0-0; s2-6; etc...

Is this actually usefull, the NOC person will be guided to the right
box/slot/port and can use other tools to figure out the media type,
wich is in my opionion not very usefull to knew.

> i.e.

Nope, my routers have another naming convention, bathroom is
for example, r29a.. 


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