It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Tue Jan 7 06:58:48 UTC 1997

Hello everybody!

	I beleive we have a small problem here;

	Suggested reading are the rules and regulations for common carriers,
	and just let me make one example;

		Joe does not like the fact that I call him on the
		phone, so he calls my local phone operator and have 
		them to block my phone for outgoing calls.

		My mother is about to die and she needs and ambulance,
		but the phone does not work.

	All ISP's should have as a policy to move packets, or for some
	atlest try to move packets as close they can to the destination.

	As soon as the ISP enforces an AUP, (wich might be for all good)
	they might be hold responsible for all traffic that traverses
	their infrstructure, and that's the end of the ISP's and the 

	Joe (from my above exaple) has the right to refuce to terminate
	traffic from whoever he decides, so in this case, he could refuce
	to talk to my phone, or to my local phone oprator, or the
	long distance carrier of the local phone operator.

	Being the Police, is in any contry i knew a job for the Police!


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