quick update #2 (Sprint continues to defend network terrorism)

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Jan 4 21:21:13 UTC 1997

Just got off the phone with Sprint Security again, they absolutely
refuse to stop the continuing (as of 15:40 EST Sat 1/4/97) mail
bombing / mail loop of world.std.com from iq-internet.com, about 1,000
msgs today so far, well into the third full day of this.

Understand: Sprint absolutely refuses to put ONE route block into
their router at iq-internet.com between them and std.com.

I did not ask them to shut the host down, shut their internet access
down, etc. I simply laid out the problem of one site sending thousands
upon thousands of msgs at us in a software loop, all going down a
rathole (since we're blocking them), and asked Sprint to just please
block this one route between us (and, with luck, deal with their
customer but that's their problem ultimately.)

Sprint refuses, apparently asserting that this one host has every
legal right to bomb my (or I assume any) host with anything he likes
via a Sprint connection and they will not acknowledge the possibility
that this is merely software at his end out of control, or a person so
malicious in their action that this one action should be blocked until
it can be looked into, one action, merely the single path between
iq-internet.com and std.com.

Actually, the tone of the person I just spoke to at Sprint just now
indicated to me they, meaning the individuals within Sprint security,
may be now allowing this to go on purposely because they're now (since
they're impotent to do anything about all this) getting annoyed with
me calling them and asking them to please stop this every few hours etc.

Well, sorry Sprint, so long as this guy keeps bombing my system
non-stop I'm going to keep asking you to stop it every few hours
(that's all that's gone on.) I'm not going to let you later say "hey
we didn't know why didn't you tell us we thought it stopped!" etc.

Sprint has now abandoned all rights or claims to be treated as
reasonable people or fairly, they've had three days to assert their
responsibility, others will now have to take responsibility for their
absolutely reckless behavior.

        -Barry Shein

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