URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Brett L. Hawn blh at nol.net
Sat Jan 4 04:47:22 UTC 1997

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Barry Shein wrote:

> As I said, sending thousands of messages into a rathole after being
> informed is not spamming, it's an operational problem.

Sorta like what you're doing to the list right now eh? I think we've all
heard your point and made a concious decision as to its being right or
wrong. Fine, dandy, now shut about it already, bitching to NANOG about what
sprint is/isn't doing about it isn't going to make a difference that I can
tell. In fact its most likely going to make your posistion even more
problematic by annoying and basically angering folks who would otherwise be
willing to help you.

> Sending thousands of bouncing msgs for 48+ hours after being told
> repeatedly what's going on (or attempts thereto) is not "spam", it's
> simply a process out of control, whatever the original intent might
> have been.

Be that as it may, your consistent bitching and whining isn't going to solve
the situation. Have you tried the word I've learned to live by? its this
word call 'ESCALATION', talking to some front line techie at sprint isn't
going to solve the issue, bitching about the front line techie isn't going
to solve the issue. Escalating until you get to someone who can take care of
the situation (without being an ass about it) just might do the trick

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