URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Jan 4 04:13:47 UTC 1997

As I said, sending thousands of messages into a rathole after being
informed is not spamming, it's an operational problem.

Stop trying to play the devil's advocate and consider simply what is
right and what is wrong.

Sending thousands of bouncing msgs for 48+ hours after being told
repeatedly what's going on (or attempts thereto) is not "spam", it's
simply a process out of control, whatever the original intent might
have been.

On January 3, 1997 at 19:32 geoffw at v-site.net (Geoff White) wrote:
 > On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Barry Shein wrote:
 > > Let's stop being so damned morally confused. One message in my mailbox
 > > is spam, thousands of messages being refused for 48+ hours, non-stop,
 > > is an operational/technical incident, no one is seeing or cares about
 > > the content, it's just an out of control software process which needs
 > > to be treated as such, and stopped.
 > Are you saying that Sprint's router's or Sprint's customer's CPU has the 
 > operational problem?  If it is the former then obviously Sprint should
 > do something about it.  But it seems to me that the problem is that this site
 > is Spamming and that mostlikely falls under SAPrint's policies about
 > Spamming. I don't see how it is a technical or operational problem involving
 > all of Sprint's Network services.  Perhapse you should contact the operators
 > of the supposed run amok sendmail and lean directly on them to stop sending
 > you packets.  You can allways put a filter in your router to block
 > traffic from that host.  Or maybe you should ask Sprint to apply the filter
 > on their side of you DSx pipe.
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        -Barry Shein

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