URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Jan 4 04:04:13 UTC 1997

Right, exactly, it's possible that someone's attempt at spam can
become an out of control operational problem when thousands of mail
msgs are looping uncontrollably and non-stop for 48+ hours. That's
all, that's what happened, the guy crossed a line from simple spamming
to obviously out of control behavior. What's the rationale, that he
likes to get thousands of mail bounces? That this is his business?

I brought this here precisely because it had become, in my opinion, an
operational problem and had ceased to be a simple spam, and Sprint was
being non-responsive AS A MATTER OF POLICY. That's a problem.

Ya know, folks, this isn't the only spam I've ever encountered,
believe it or not.

        -Barry Shein

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