URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at clark.net
Sat Jan 4 03:25:35 UTC 1997

At 10:01 PM -0500 1/3/97, Henry Kilmer wrote:
>Barry Shein writes:
>>As I write this it's *conceivable* the loop has been stopped, I just
>>checked, but how many here think this development might have just a
>>tiny bit to do with embarrassing Sprint in public? Hands? Yeah, I
>>thought so.
>How about a dose of realism here:
>The people that need to make the decision to act on this kind of
>situation probably do not read the nanog mailing list.  The people
>that do read the nanog mailing list have most likely already brought
>the situation to the right folks attention if what you say is true.
>So an attempt at embarrasing Sprint here will most likely have no

Let me propose a different reason for posting this here.  I recognize this
is not the stop-spam list.  It is, however, operational.  Barry originally
raised the issue Sprint was "trying to read the mind of their client."  Two
people responded they had been spammed heavily from the same source, two
people not at world.std.com.  I just got hit again; the addressee list, I
think, is recent posters on comp.dcom.sys.cisco.

These reports help give ammunition to pass back to Sprint that this is not
an isolated incident.

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