URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

robbie at tomservo.mindspring.com robbie at tomservo.mindspring.com
Sat Jan 4 02:18:43 UTC 1997

In our previous episode, Howard C. Berkowitz was heard to say:
> FYI, I have received several spams from this source in the last few days,
> and have sent complaints to appropriate abuse/postmaster accounts at
> providers including Sprint.  The question in my mind is increasingly not
> what is in the source client's mind, but whether the traffic is violating
> Sprint's usage policies.
> Anyone else been receiving abuse from this source?

iq-internet.com / net is Jeff "Spam King" Slaton's latest 
scheme. Sprint has said several times that they are 
"re-working" their spam policy, and that a new, improved
policy would be availible Real Soon Now, and might even
be enforced.


Robbie Honerkamp
robbie at mindspring.com

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