URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at clark.net
Sat Jan 4 01:57:40 UTC 1997

FYI, I have received several spams from this source in the last few days,
and have sent complaints to appropriate abuse/postmaster accounts at
providers including Sprint.  The question in my mind is increasingly not
what is in the source client's mind, but whether the traffic is violating
Sprint's usage policies.

Anyone else been receiving abuse from this source?

Howard Berkowitz

At 5:26 PM -0500 1/3/97, Barry Shein wrote:
>Reference:        Sprint Customer Larry Host
>Domain:           IQ-INTERNET.COM
>Problem Summary:  Out of control mail loop
>1. For the past 48 or so hours all e-mail from the domain
>IQ-INTERNET.COM has been blocked from our domain, STD.COM.  All such
>email is refused with an immediate error message by our (std.com)
>2. The account lhost at iq-internet.com, owner or adminstrator of this
>iq-internet.com domain, has been informed of this many times in this
>period. Messages have been left on their answering machine. Sprint
>personnel attempted to relay this message to him though I do not know
>if they were successful. Sprint security personnel have publically and
>privately (to me) acknowledged the problem.
>3. Electronic mail continues to be sent (as of 17:17 EST) from
>iq-internet.com to world.std.com at a rate of several messages per
>minute, each one refused.
>There is no reason for a host to send thousands of email msgs each
>being refused long after being informed of this state of affairs
>	a) maliciousness
>	b) severe technical failure or error,
>	or gross operating negligence.
>I informed Sprint of this several hours ago, I reported it as a
>*TECHNICAL* problem although apparently Sprint network personnel
>continue to infer that they can read the system owner's mind and
>intuit that he is doing this for relatively innocent or purposeful
>reasons such that Sprint can not get involved.
>I assert this judgement by Sprint network personnel is a serious error
>and Sprint is ignoring a severe technical problem to the active
>detriment of the world-wide internetwork.
>There is a knowing dereliction of TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL
>responsibilities occurring here, and this abrogation of administrative
>responsibility is causing my business palpable damage, with full
>knowledge of authorized Sprint network operational and security
>personnel and more than sufficient time for them to have responded.
>xc: Sprint Legal Dept, Software Tool & Die Counsel
>        -Barry Shein
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