Sprint's slashes (was Re: Anybody from PSI?!?!?!)

Dima Volodin dvv at sprint.net
Fri Jan 3 22:27:10 UTC 1997

Well, it's a good question :-)

Anyway, we are unlikely to change this stuff until it gets annoying for
ousrselves, sorry.

On the other note - MHO is it was a Bad Idea to put these checks into the
resolver library. No objections towards having it as an option in the code for
primary zones in name servers, though.


Bradley Dunn writes:
> Hi Dima,
> Since you are from Sprint and we're talking about DNS... When does Sprint
> plan to fix the slashes, "/", in the names for your router interfaces?
> Newer resolver libraries refuse to return hostnames with invalid
> characters.
> This obviously isn't a critical issue, but it is annoying when none of the
> Sprint hops in a traceroute resolve to a name.
> Thanks.
> -BD
> On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Dima Volodin wrote:
> [stuff about c.root-servers.net being broken]

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