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David Stoddard dgs at
Fri Jan 3 05:09:30 UTC 1997

	While I admit it is not completely clear reading the proposal
	outlined on the web page at, charging
	$2,500 for a /24 will *kill* the small business market, and the
	ISPs that exist to service that market.  Most of the associations
	and small businesses we deal with choke when thay have to pay $750
	for a router to handle their dedicated Internet connection.  Added
	to the fact that the LECs want to charge per minute charges for 
	POTS lines used for dedicated dial-up, a $2,500 IP address charge
	will guarantee that the small business portion of the market will
	disappear.  We all depend on the net for a living folks -- I don't
	think we should consider any proposal that would have a negative
	effect on our own industry.

	Dave Stoddard
	US Net Incorporated
	dgs at

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