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Eric D. Madison madison at
Fri Jan 3 04:27:42 UTC 1997

Two questions come to mind with this:

   How will portable/non-portable address space be effected.  Does the mean
that if I have non-portable address space, I can charge customers for
address space, and if it is portable, they have to pay $2500 per /24 to
have it registered to them?

   If an entity has address space already and does not require more space,
do they have to pay the fee or is this going to be grandfather claused?  I
know with domain names it was not that way, but that is only 50 bucks,
$2500 or more could put a lot of business off the net.

I guess this will make the routing table size come to a sudden and
screaching halt!


At 09:57 PM 1/2/97 -0500, Kim Hubbard wrote:
>Recently, there has been discussion concerning the need to keep IP issues
>separate from domain issues.  The stability of the Internet in part relies
>on the careful management of the Internet Protocol addresses.
>The point has also been made that the management of the IP space should
>be put in the hands of those that depend on it - the users.  Whether
>those users are ISPs, corporate entities, universities, etc., they
>should all play a role.
>To this end, Network Solutions, Inc. plans to create and initially fund
>a non-profit 501(c)6 organization to be known as The American Registry
>for Internet Numbers (ARIN) to manage the IP address space for the
>territories it currently administers, similar to the APNIC and RIPE
>regional IP registries.  This organization will be a non-profit
>spin-off of the current InterNIC IP group.
>Network Solutions, Inc. will initially fund ARIN until fees are imposed 
>and will offer continued financing until such time as it is a stable,
>self-sufficient entity capable of funding itself through its membership
>dues, registration and maintenance fees.
>Details on the proposed organizational structure and 1997 funding
>model are located at
>Questions regarding the proposal will be answered on the ARIN mailing
>list.  To subscribe, send mail to:
>	listserv at
>	with "subscribe naipr" in the body along with your first and
>         last name.
>Kim Hubbard
>InterNIC Registry
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