BGP and memory size

Robert Craig rcraig at
Wed Jan 1 17:37:28 UTC 1997

I hope the smiley face was omitted accidentally!

The bug report was junked (by the way, we don't junk legitimate
bug reports) because the router in question was a 7200 with 32M
of memory taking full routing from several peers.  It simply
didn't have enough memory.  There was no evidence of a memory leak.
Needless to say, if there had been a leak, it would have
had high priority.

The gent who opened the bug report in the first place was 
"unfamiliar" with the environment. :-)


Hank Nussbacher wrote:
> Perhaps Cisco is just trying to force us to buy more memory:
> ID: 79764
> Feature-set: bgp
>       Title: Memory Leak in BGP Router process
>    Reported: 11.1(7) 11.2(2)
>       State: J
>   There appears to be a Memory Leak in BGP Router Process.
> Notice the State.  It is J - which stands for Junked - which means they
> will not fix this since it isn't viewed as an important problem.
> Hank

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