BGP announcements and small providers

Alex.Bligh amb at
Thu Feb 27 12:08:41 UTC 1997

> > 

> You're making lots of assumptions.
> 1)	That client DNS systems will actually honor such a TTL.  Many
> 	don't (claim they're broken all you want, but these are the facts).
> 2)	That client SOFTWARE will actually go back and ask again for the
> 	IP number.  Several won't (Netscrape being rumored to be one of
> 	them).  TTLs are irrelavent in that case.
> Go ahead and try to tell your customer, who purchased web service from you,
> that you have the right to disrupt their operations at any time and under
> any pretense and see how many of them you have left.

Leave the site running on both IPs for (say) 4 weeks. Even broken DNS
doesn't last this long. And yes, anyone who doesn't quit their web browser
for four weeks will suffer, but these are mostly UNIX guys anyway who will
know why it's broken :-)

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

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