Big providers use NAT to squeeze little ISPs

Alan Hannan alan at
Thu Feb 27 00:22:41 UTC 1997


  Sometimes I think you work for the Yoyodyne Corporation
  from some movie or another.

  Tell you what.

  You watch the capitalist system of our country reward
  companies that utilize new technology to encourage better service.

  It really shouldn't be that terribly hard to convince Mr IS
  director that the hot swap and load sharing functionality
  benefiting the web server you want to sell him, signficantly
  outweights the benefit of him having his "own" IP address.

  Please don't infer that the big providers are evil greedy
  bastards out to use their will to trash companies who exercise new

  If you can somehow explain to me/us how using NAT places a company
  at a disadvantage, I'd love to hear it.


> Tell you what.
> You get ALL the providers to agree via BCP that all customers must run NAT
> on their leased line connections.
> Every one of them.
> That is, a nice level playing field.
> Then come back here and let's talk.
> Or is this a "big guys don't have to" thing again?  Because if it is, then
> you're right back where you started.
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