BGP announcements and small providers

Stephen Sprunk sprunk at
Wed Feb 26 22:35:08 UTC 1997

What is difficult about renumbering DNS entries?  You DO refer to your
websites with hostnames don't you?  The nameservers themselves are a bitch
(since you break all the clients unless you're using dhcp) to renumber, but
none of your other services should have problems.

What protocols (besides FTP) are you referring to?  FTP translators are
common enough, and I am not aware of any other user application protocols
that transmit IP addresses.

Stephen Sprunk

At 14:31 26 02 97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Lyndon Levesley wrote:
>>  Nameservers are a bit harder to renumber, but that's not too bad.
>When you have hundreds of virtual web sites?
>>  Wonder how long it'll be before ISPs rather than corporates start to 
>> use NAT for most of their network.
>When our customers stop wanting to use applications that carry IP
>addresses at the application layer. Until then, NAT is a no-go.

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