BGP announcements and small providers

Geoff White geoffw at
Wed Feb 26 16:30:37 UTC 1997

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Adrian Bool wrote:

> On Wed 26 Feb, Matt Ranney wrote:
> > As it is, if the interface-defaulted squid machine was dual-homed to
> > providers X and Y that don't peer, a customer of X could get the A
> > record for the interface in Y's space.  The client would then have to
> > take the transit path between X and Y, which for many X's and Y's,
> > sucks.
> You could take in all the BGP data from your providers (read-only as it
> were) then link that into your DNS server so that it returns an IP
> address according to the 'best' (however you define that...) route
> that you have back to them...? 
> aid

I think the whole purpose t Paul V's madness in creating this solution was
to avoid doing just that.

Also I seem to remember something in Paul's take that took care of this
situation. Maybe he can elaborate.

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