spam policies? [sorry if off-topic]

Peter Galbavy peter at
Tue Feb 25 09:56:08 UTC 1997

> In light of the recent spam/nospam discussions on the list, I thought
> I'd share something one of my customers got with the rest of you:

Like all of these, sending mail to abuse at will get you to
the right people.

It seems that the increase in spam along with the natural decrease in
the ability of ISP-bought-in-a-box providers means that too much spam
will be treated as if it actually originated from where it said in
the From: headers without the complainants actually looking.

Has anyone also noticed that in Micro$oft Outlook you cannot seem to
ever get back to the original headers, only the translated ones.
If someone can maybe give me a pointer, 'cause without the headers
and an increase in the "consumer" user base, tracking is going to
be one step harder. If not impossible.

[PS I happen to work for Demon]

Peter Galbavy
@ Home in Wonderland
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