F.Root-Servers.net and bogus data

John Hawkinson jhawk at bbnplanet.com
Mon Feb 24 23:07:04 UTC 1997

> So who runs F, and how do I politely ask them to check and see if they
> picked up their updates last Friday.  Contact listed for root-servers.net
> is hostmaster at internic.net.

WHOIS has contact information for individual root servers (as well
as all nameservers responsible for initial-level delegations). In general
this information is accurate and correct.

[all-purpose-gunk!jhawk] ~> whois f.root-servers.net
Internet Software Consortium (ISC)

   System: DEC ALPHA running BIND 4.9.5

   Host Administrator:
      Vixie, Paul  (PV15)  paul at VIX.COM
      +1 415 747 0204

   Domain Server

   Record last updated on 09-Oct-96.

To see this host record with registered users, repeat the command with
a star ('*') before the name; or, use '%' to show JUST the registered users.

The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information.

It's worth noting that during the recent problems with H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET,
contact information in WHOIS was not useful during off-hours. That has been
rectified and the info for H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now up-to-date.

> At the risk of starting another flame war, does this make F the One FALSE
> Root Server?

Please let's fight to keep the nanog signal-to-noise ratio better than it is.
You should do your part.


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