spam policies? [sorry if off-topic]

Jeremiah Kristal jeremiah at CORP.IDT.NET
Mon Feb 24 19:08:58 UTC 1997

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Rick Payne wrote:

> Scott Call writes:
>  > In light of the recent spam/nospam discussions on the list, I thought
>  > I'd share something one of my customers got with the rest of you:
> [Spam from a Demon customer cut]
> I think if you try mailing the spam concerned to abuse at they
> will deal with it - regardless of what the spammer may claim.
> Did you try that?

I got the same annoying spam, more than once, and reported it to
abuse at  I got a reply back within the hour with a tracking
number.  Haven't heard anything since then, but it's only been two days
and I don't doubt that demon is taking care of this.


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