How to spam nicely?

Mike Leber mleber at
Sat Feb 22 06:14:05 UTC 1997

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Joseph C. Pistritto wrote:
> I'd like suggestions from members of the community on the best way to do
> bulk mailings to our user base (not product recommendations specifically or
> anything like that), but obvious pitfalls to watch out for.

Please don't refer to mailing your existing user base information as
spamming.  There is general acceptance of limited commercial speech via
unsolicited email from a vendor to a customer.  Examples of this include
security alerts and new product information.  One limit is the frequency.
Obviously there is a different limit for security information than new
product information.

We define spaming as mass mailing people who have never contacted you. 
This can be commercial or otherwise.

The reason it is important to define spam to not include valid
interactions is to make sure your business customers know that there are
acceptable ways for them to conduct business online that do not involve
mail abuse.


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