How to spam nicely?

Joseph C. Pistritto jcp at
Sat Feb 22 03:12:35 UTC 1997

Ok, now that I have your attention.

I'd like suggestions from members of the community on the best way to do
bulk mailings to our user base (not product recommendations specifically or
anything like that), but obvious pitfalls to watch out for.

Our "mass mailing" policy in general has been pretty net-friendly, in that
we only send mail to people who have registered our product at the address
they gave us when they did so (we don't buy lists, etc.), and might be
interested in the specific thing we're telling them about, and we only
attempt to send each person mail once.  We also don't do this very often
and keep our mailing lists pretty current.

So, any suggestions to make our having to send a bunch of mail more
pleasant for the rest of the net?  If any of you out there have specific
experience with bulk mailing, I'd love to hear about it to avoid stepping
on land mines others have already "detected", etc.

Thanks in advance.

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