F means filtered ?

Justin W. Newton justin at erols.com
Thu Feb 20 21:17:07 UTC 1997

At 11:35 PM 2/19/97 -0600, Edward Henigin wrote:
>	Look, I think y'all are morons.

Thank you :)

>	1) if someone floods Paul's network, does that not make the
>F root server unusuable to *everyone* ?  why doesn't anyone pat him on
>the back for taking defensive measures to protect a public resource?
>Oh yeah, you know, your public library has locks on the doors, right?
>Oh shit, better go take the locks off, the books are public resources,
>everyone is supposed to have access!

Paul is blocking people who he considers to be spammers from one of the
root name servers.  He is thus making a decision as to who can and cannot
connect to a public resource, which was funded, at least in part, by the
internet community (I believe via the DNR infrastructure improvement fund).
 I repsect Paul immensly, and he has contributed a lot to the community.
This does not, however, make it all better that he is deciding who can and
cannot connect to the root name server that he runs.  

This is the last post I am sending on this matter as its only tangentially
a NANOG issue I suppose. 

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