karl and paul, expostulating

Dima Volodin dvv at lsiinc.com
Thu Feb 20 19:36:37 UTC 1997

In the last two weeks or so I got spammed from SPRY/Compuserve at lest
half-a-dozen times. You don't seem to be blocking them, do you?


Paul A Vixie writes:
> > What's so elegant about that if a spammer with elementary knowledge
> > about SMTP and DNS can easily bounce his stuff off of any of the
> > thousands of unsuspecting hosts and/or use unsuspecting forwarding
> > name servers in the slave mode?
> http://www.sendmail.org/antispam/ has the answer to that.  As we find
> these servers (which means: as they are used as unintended relays for
> the forwarding of spam) we educate their owners and they upgrade.  Or
> they get blocked during spam episodes, which process will shortly become
> automatic.  eBGP converges quickly enough that I can inject a /32 and
> have it in 4 countries in less than a minute.
> They rotate phaser frequencies, we rotate shield frequencies.  And while
> the war of escalation goes on, providers are educated -- and that's the
> real goal, so no matter who's "winning" at the moment, *I* am winning.

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